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40 Years of Cape Cod Life: A message from Brian Shortsleeve

Gunkholing: What Does 40 Years of Cape Cod Life Look Like?

Our first issue, left, published in 1979. The first issue of our 40th year, right, hit the newsstands in January. Average issue readership of Cape Cod LIFE in 2019 is just over 160,000 readers.

The first Cape Cod Life wall calendar, at left, was printed in 1988. Our 2019 Seascapes calendar is on the right. All Cape Cod LIFE subscribers receive a copy of our calendar.

The first edition of “The Best of the Cape & Islands,” left, was published in 1992. Our 2019 “Best of” issue is on the right. Cape Cod Life readers vote to choose the winners. This year over 12,000 people voted, and over 64,000 votes were cast!

In 1995 debuted on the web. Today, there are over 34,000 page views per month at

The first issue of Cape Cod HOME, left, was published in 1996. Our 2019 HOME Annual Guide is at right. Average issue readership of Cape Cod HOME in 2019 is 102,000 readers.

The first issue of “Cape Cod Arts,” left, was published in 1998. Today, Cape Cod ART is included as part of the subscription package for all Cape Cod LIFE subscribers.

Thank you to all current and past Cape Cod Life staff members. Thank you also to all of our creative writers, photographers, many fine advertisers, plus our distributors and managers of so many retail outlets. We couldn’t have done 40 years without you.

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