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These two shops on Route 6A have a special connection

Simply Vintage

Dupuy and Cahill have even worked together on local projects. “We did a market called Buoys and Burlap. It was a sort of traveling antique show with multiple dealers,” Dupuy says. Burlap, a no-nonsense, utility fabric often used for things like feed bags, was all the rage when the women were trying to come up with a name for the show. “I still love burlap,” Dupuy admits with a grin and sly shrug of her shoulders. 

Like many residents who make deliberate choices to live on the Cape, both Dupuy and Cahill are avid beach goers and admit that it’s something they enjoy doing together when they are not working. “I go to the beach. I shop. I garden. I love to garden. I walk my dog and play with my dog. I love my dog,” Dupuy enthuses. She pulls out a photo of her beloved Aussie Doodle named Lucy at the beach with a sand-crusted nose. Cahill is also a beach gypsy—something that is supremely evident in the style of her shop. “If I have a day when I’m not working, which I try for Sundays, I go to the beach—whether I walk on the beach, sit on the beach, drive on the beach, read on the beach, or go to the beach at night,” she says. “I grew up here. I’ve been living on the Cape since I was 11, and the beach is my place to be.” Cahill and Dupuy’s mutual love of the beach directly translates to their design. Both shops feature lots of natural wood, coastal tones and textures, and themed signs that seem to have been expropriated from beachside communities. Each of the women specialize in repurposing old furniture and crafting those pieces into newly born wonders using chalk paints. Dupuy and Cahill began their businesses in the same way: it started as a hobby, as something they loved spending their time doing, and that passion is evident in the careful décor they’ve chosen, the uniquely crafted items that call the visitors to their stores, and the creative ways in which they’ve set up their shops to let their individual styles shine. 

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