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These two shops on Route 6A have a special connection

Seaside Design

“My kids, Shane, Alexandra and Caroline, were gone and it was time to work again, because I had been home for about 20 years,” Dupuy says. “When I first met my husband Damian we were very young, and we didn’t have a lot of money. He was in training to be a doctor and I was a teacher. So we used to go around to yard sales and thrift shops and look in antique stores to furnish our home.” Dupuy’s mutual hobby with her husband sprouted into her business today. “We’ve always loved old homes, my husband and I. That was part of the love of old things and bringing things back and fixing things. It started with the furniture, and then the houses. And here I am, still doing it.”

One of Dupuy’s passions is sustainability. Her respect for the environment fuels her goal to keep her shop mostly filled with vintage, refurbished or antique pieces, as opposed to new retail. “Nature is the thing I’m most passionate about. That’s why I like to do what I do here. I have a little bit of new retail, but mostly we are making old things new again, so it’s very light on the environment—not throwing things away, fixing them up. Most of these older things have stood the test of time and will continue to do so.” 

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