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These two shops on Route 6A have a special connection

Simply Vintage

At Simply Vintage, two oval back-shaped dining chair have delicate carvings in the wooden legs. Dupuy explains that when she purchased them they had hideous mint green silk upholstery on the cushions. Instead of reupholstering the chairs, she painted them. Now the set looks like they’re upholstered in a luxurious creamy leather. She credits her support from her stockist, Nancy Chace of Sea Rose Cottage, for her sales of Chalk Paint and wax products by Annie Sloan which she uses in creative ways to give yesterday’s furniture pieces a lift that they often need. 

Cahill didn’t have as direct a route into the retail antique business as Dupuy. Cahill received all of her schooling in the field of law. In the midst of law school she got pregnant and decided to put her law career on hold, feeling it wasn’t the right path for her. “When my kids were little I would find old pieces of furniture and refinish them, for our own home and even for friends and family. I even did a piece for myself that was a bathroom vanity.” A good friend of Cahill’s owned a tile store and was impressed with that same refurbished vanity. She offered Cahill the opportunity to sell her pieces in her tile store, and that exposure was Cahill’s glimpse into the under-staffed bathroom design world. 

When Cahill’s youngest son was in middle school, she felt like it was time to go back to work. “I had already built my own home and really liked the idea of having a concept in my head and putting it together… I had no background in architecture or building, I decided rather than going back to school I would just focus on learning about contracting and building, so I got my contractors license.” After accomplishing the task of getting a contractors license as a woman, she decided to present her services as a bathroom designer because she had so much fun doing the bathrooms she’d already done and “nobody specializes in bathrooms. People specialize in kitchens and then they do bathrooms on the side, but nobody just does bathrooms.”

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