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These two shops on Route 6A have a special connection

Seaside Design

Twenty years later, she’s completed over 100 bathrooms. “Because most of my design work has been in the off-season I decided to get into retail six years ago. During my summers I had more time on my hands. My kids were all working and they didn’t need me to get them to the beach anymore,” she jokes. Bathrooms are still as big part of Cahill’s store. A porcelain, vintage, footed bathtub sits in the front of the store. The tub is filled to the brim with flowers. And Cahill always keeps a bathroom vignette as a focal point in her store. “I can’t not work because I have all these ideas. So the shop and the design allows me to get things out of my head.”

Two women with similar passions are a force to be reckoned with, and the mid-Cape is lucky to have Dupuy and Cahill bringing their expertise to the area. Always working together rather than against each other, they’ve curated a unique relationship and an equally interesting assortment of antiques and collectibles for Cape shoppers. Their friendship and their combined passion and dedication to their businesses is something to be admired and something that surely represents the type of harmonious, welcoming spirit that the Cape embodies. 

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