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A celebration of nature

A celebration of nature, Autumn Cape Cod Home |

Life in this house is filled with memorable “moments” shaped by Sullivan’s architectural design, such as the teenage daughter’s bedroom book nook. Framed by a pair of oversized corner windows, a hanging rattan chair provides the perfect perch from which to watch the garden grow or get lost in a book (or Facebook). In the opposite corner, a pair of higher and smaller windows creates privacy from the driveway and front porch. Here again Sullivan articulates an understanding of democratic design, playing with elements varying in scale and symmetry to achieve a comfortable balance.

The free-flowing design of the house defines a sense of place for generations of family members to move in and out of the outdoors at multiple access points, to gather and disperse in the great room, to fit together pieces of a puzzle at the dining table—“We’re puzzlers,” the wife says—or to retreat to the beach to lose, or find, themselves in a book.

At summer’s close, when the beachrock doorstop rolls aside and the front door closes, there is a sense of crossing the threshold from a world of magic and wonder. The slow wind down the dirt road parallel to shore, and then up and over the hill, comes with the realization of what’s being left behind. For now. But, oh, what anticipation exists in finding the way home again and standing before the sublimely oversized front door, a door that expresses, clearly and welcomingly: “You’ve arrived.”

Libby Ellis is a creative director and freelance writer who lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

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