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A colorful collaboration along the Brewster coast

Architect, builder, and a team of vendors join forces to create clients’ dream home

A colorful collaboration along the Brewster coast, Autumn Cape Cod Home |

Photography by Richard Hilgendorff

Perched high on a hill overlooking the breakwater in Brewster is the latest combined venture for builder Paul van Steensel of Cape Dreams Building & Design and Brewster architect Steven Hayes. A relationship that began two homes earlier has developed into a comfortable fit for these two professionals. Add to the mix an energetic husband–and–wife homeowner team in Mike and Linda, and the three components of this home-design project formed a bond that van Steensel calls “as close as you can get to perfection.”

“They were the easiest clients to work with,” says van Steensel. “So often, a client is tasked with finding the needed fixtures to complete their home, and the selections are not made in a timely way. Everything fits into a schedule, and Linda and Mike were always one step ahead.”

Hayes was just as impressed with the homeowners. “They knew what they wanted,” he says, “and were proactive in deciding style, color, function, and organization. It was a true collaboration.”

Named “Mandolin Wind” after Rod Stewart’s 1971 song, this asymmetrical, dormered, and shingled Cape has two full stories on the street side and three on the water side. Within the 7,000 square–foot plan, the main level of the home accommodates the daily living needs of the homeowners, with a master suite, living room, dining area, kitchen, wine storage room, laundry room, and an office. The main living areas feature hardwood flooring and are done in a subtle tan—set off by white moldings throughout and a touch of light blue in the ceiling, as suggested by the architect. “It’s an opportunity to do something a little different so everything’s not white,” Hayes says of the color choice. “It’s complementary—you look up and it resembles the sky.”

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