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A colorful collaboration along the Brewster coast

A colorful collaboration along the Brewster coast, Autumn Cape Cod Home |

A combination of open-cell and closed-cell (which is denser) spray-foam insulation was used in the walls and ceiling, which has already resulted in “remarkably low” utility bills, Linda says. The home also features air-exchange units, which allow for mechanical control of the way the home “breathes,” as van Steensel puts it. “Through the use of air exchanges,” he explains, “we’re able to control how much air is taken in and released from the house. Without mechanical ventilation, you’re going to run into problems with stale air and potentially mold.”

The landscape design by Al Sorbello of Chatham-based Sorbello Landscaping presents a formal look from the street and blends with the seashore on the home’s water side. Black mulch defines the perennial plantings, and Japanese maples flank the entrance walkway. Mortar-less boulders with interspersed native field stone separate the elevated front yard from the backyard, with granite steps connecting the two. The lawn is bordered with sea grass, which blends into the waters beyond.

The house took 15 months to complete, van Steensel says, and four carpenters worked for more than three weeks just to install crown moldings on the ceilings. When all was said and done, Mike wrote a letter to the builder, complimenting all involved with the project. “This place is now our favorite on the planet,” the homeowner wrote. “From the design to the construction—and everything in between.”

“Paul and Steve, as well as all of the subcontractors, were wonderful to work with,” Linda adds, “and they built us our dream home that we envision we will enjoy for many years, along with our family and friends.”

Carla Belkin is a recent “washashore” living in Barnstable Village. She has spent most of her career in the home furnishings industry in New York City.

Cape Cod Life Publications’ staff writer Haley Cote also contributed to this article.

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