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A few pointers from the pros

A few pointers from the pros, Cape Cod HOME |

Tuck & Holand

“You’re only as good as your last piece”

Based in Vineyard Haven, Tuck & Holand Metal Sculptors makes weathervanes that are literally larger than life. From a 10-foot Nittany Lion that soars above Penn State University’s famous Beaver Stadium, to a pterodactyl holding actress Raquel Welch’s character aloft in the film One Million Years B.C., the company’s artisans put their own unique spin on weathervane making.

“I always try to go above and beyond because you’re only as good as your last piece,” says Anthony Holand, the company’s owner. Whether reflecting the specific traits of a client’s dog in an artistic likeness or designing a school-of-fish vane to articulate so it “swims” in the wind, Holand says the character an expert can add to a given piece makes all the difference. “Once each piece comes together it has that punch of life,” Holand says. “It’s not a stale, everyday weathervane.”

The company got its start in 1974 when Travis Tuck made his first weathervane, a Great White shark that was used as a prop atop Quint’s shack in Jaws. In the four decades since, the company has made hundreds of weathervanes, and for many years, Tuck, who passed away in 2002, was considered one of the specialized industry’s top practitioners.

Holand, who joined forces with Tuck in 1996, says each weathervane the company makes is completed entirely by hand using copper repousse, a metalwork technique that involves brazing together two pieces of copper. “There are few people that do it, especially do it by hand without any molds,” Holand says, “and very few people that do it well.”

The company has created other unique designs including a “Nobska” steamship, which is on display atop the Oak Bluffs Steamship terminal; and a “Mockingjay” piece commissioned by an agent of the book series The Hunger Games. “Each piece is unique unto itself,” Holand says. “There isn’t a pre-set formula. You never know what’s going to come through the door.”

Tuck & Holand Metal Sculptors is at 275 State Road in Vineyard Haven. For more information, call 508-693-3914, or visit

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