A Helping Paw

Cape Cod Life  /  April 2021 /

Writer: Christina Galt

Dogs —they truly enhance every aspect of our lives. Whether you’ve had a good or bad day, you can always count on your best bud to be there with a tail wag and sweet smile.

While some of us are lucky enough to still be working from home with our buddies by our side, most of us have reentered the workspace. But what about our beloved pets that got so use to us being with them 24/7? Well, here at Cape Cod Life we’ve always had the philosophy that dogs are a necessity in the workplace. 

Cape Cod Life’s official office dog Enzo brings so much joy to our office. Every day he makes the commute to the office with his owner, our Associate Publisher/Editor Julie Wagner. She emphasized, “When he’s in the office I don’t have to stress about him being home alone and bored.” Wagner continues, “I find constant inspiration when he’s here with me and I feel extremely lucky I get to spend most of my life with him by my side and share him with the rest of the office.” Enzo has unequivocally become everybody’s therapy dog here at Cape Cod Life; he’s always there when you need a quick hug or comic relief. Office Manager Judy Shortsleeve joyfully says “I look forward to seeing him every morning.” In the office I’ve gotten the chance to help train him and watch him grow over the years, he’s my ‘office dog’.” 

Other than Enzo, we also have a constant rotation of fluffy visitors coming in and out of the Cape Cod Life office. Our Senior Designer Susan Temple often comes to work with her sweet Corgi, Tulip, who can be found sleeping under her desk or making her rounds throughout the office. Our Creative Art Director Amy Duquette’s energetic Schnoodle Rico Suave can be found in her lap helping her with important design decisions. We wondered who else is embracing dogs in the workplace? 

As we made our way around Mashpee Commons, we found an abundance of local businesses that have gone to the dogs! Especially now, we need our dogs more than ever. Not only do dogs relieve stress, anxiety and depression, but they’re also huge reminders that sometimes we need to take quick breaks throughout the workday. All of these benefits in turn help boost our productivity and overall work environment. With our fluffy companions now in tow we’re conquering the workday one paw at a time.

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Christina Galt

Christina Galt is the Digital Editor at Cape Cod Life Publications. Born and raised on the Cape, Christina has always had a love for the ocean and everything "Cape Cod." She found herself the perfect home away from home at the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies. After graduating, Christina came back to the Cape and started her journey at Cape Cod Life. She spends most of her free time with her family, especially her chocolate lab Sadie, and enjoys spending summers on her family’s boat.