A Spin on the Color Wheel

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Writer: Christina Galt / Photographer: Josh Shortsleeve 

For Cape Codder Kirsten Mierjeski, her world is filled with colors and patterns—a constant kaleidoscope. Where one might see just an old piece of furniture, she sees the beauty in what could be. “When I studied color theory in college, that’s when my fascination with color and pattern really started,” says Mierjeski. With a love of everything creative, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell with a degree in graphic design. “But I’ve ended up in the world of retail,” laughs Mierjeski, who works as a design consultant from nine to five. “Everyday I engage with people and we talk about creative space. For me, it’s not about filling your house with all of this colorful stuff. It is about that one defining piece. You can fill your home with things you’ve found at the store, but it’s that one showstopper that really sets your space apart and makes it your home.” “I like to think of myself as a creative person. I’ve always collected pattern, no matter the form, from wallpaper to any kind of imagery, however I’m not your traditional artist as I steer clear of canvases—but I love furniture and dimensional pieces,” she explains. “It was pre-COVID when I first began painting furniture.” But it wasn’t until she decided to take a class in downtown Falmouth, where she learned about the magic of Chalk Paint, that changed everything. “We did this very simple project, but I just loved the process. I loved layering color and then the texture of the wood once you sand it down and it exposes all of those natural rich colors. When those secondary colors come through it just takes on this brilliance that is just so unique to Chalk Paint.”  Pretty quickly after that, her home became filled with items. “If…

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Christina Galt

Christina Galt is the Digital Editor at Cape Cod Life Publications. Born and raised on the Cape, Christina has always had a love for the ocean and everything "Cape Cod." She found herself the perfect home away from home at the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies. After graduating, Christina came back to the Cape and started her journey at Cape Cod Life. She spends most of her free time with her family, especially her chocolate lab Sadie, and enjoys spending summers on her family’s boat.