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A Trinity of Trust

Kitchen of Falmouth Heights home by John Dvorsack and M. Duffany Builders

The cozy kitchen exudes warmth, from the wood flooring to the pendant lights.

The open and spacious living, kitchen and dining area share the luxury of space, but again, Dvorsack’s subliminal design channels the flow around a bank of cabinets flanked by columns. “Joanne knew that she wanted columns in between the kitchen and the living area. But instead of putting them at the edges of the room, we used them to frame a low set of cabinets that serve a multitude of purpose. They separate the living area, they prevent the flow from going through the middle of the living room, they serve as a buffet or display area, and they provide functional storage on the kitchen side,” Dvorsack explains.

To understand this project is to understand Joanne, and vice versa. “I am pretty particular, but John just totally got me,” she says. “I have strong feelings, and both of us would come at things from a different direction, but we would have a good debate and ultimately, I would see what he was trying to accomplish or he would understand what I wanted and figure out how to deliver.” One of those discussions centered on Joanne’s desire for a pantry. Dvorsack wasn’t sure where a pantry—a room that is usually shut off from the rest—would work and function in this open environment. After some creative consideration, Dvorsack presented his solution to Joanne, and she loved it. He situated a small set of cabinets, a prep sink and just enough counter space on a landing in the back staircase from the breezeway entrance. The landing is the intersection between the kitchen and the laundry room, and the perfect place to park groceries when coming in from the garage. Joanne is diligent in her efforts to keep her surroundings tidy and uncluttered—this is not a homeowner who shops at a warehouse club—so the compact and functional pantry was a perfect solution.

The collaboration between Dvorsack and the homeowners is evident elsewhere as well. The plans showed an outdoor shower perched just off the master bath on the plans. “I said to John, ‘There isn’t any access from the backyard to this shower.’ He looked at me and said, ‘Yes, that’s not a mistake—that is your shower.’” Dvorsack goes on to explain that he positioned the porthole window in the wall of the shower so that the horizon of Vineyard Sound perfectly bisects the window, at the owners’ eyeline, of course. “I wanted it to feel like you were on a cruise ship, looking out the window when you were showering outside in your own private space,” he explains.

The porthole window itself was just one of Joanne’s contributions. Joanne sourced every single decorative detail in the home. She is a world-class discoverer who demonstrates an unparalleled determination and diligent energy to find just the right accessory. Nowhere is that more evident than in the stunning array of unique lighting fixtures found throughout the home. “I just really enjoy doing it,” she says. “It is a bit like hunting or looking for treasure, because when you find the right piece it’s like a victory. The sales people in some of the local stores have been great in helping me find exactly what I am looking for, and sometimes it’s not easy!” It is not that she is unwilling to compromise, it is more that she is very exacting and knows precisely what she wants. And she believes with enough energy, effort and time she will find what she is looking for. Those who know Joanne know that her stockpile of energy is not the resource that will fail her in her quest.

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