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A Trinity of Trust

Outdoor dining area of Falmouth Heights home by John Dvorsack and M. Duffany Builders

The outdoor dining area, perched on the porch just off the kitchen and dining room, feels as though you are sailing the seven seas.

The shared vision between Dvorsack and the homeowners would never have taken shape without a third party that was equally committed. That’s where Falmouth’s M. Duffany Builders joined the team. Despite both being fixtures in the Falmouth building community, Dvorsack and Duffany had never before collaborated. Now that their inaugural project has been successfully completed, both are quick and genuine to praise the other’s merits. “What I can say about Duffany is their craftsmanship is extraordinary, as good as I have ever seen, and I’ve been doing this for 35 years. And their finish guys are truly exceptional,” says Dvorsack.

Stan Crocker, the on-site foreman for Duffany, says it was a privilege to work with Dvorsack. “As far as I am concerned, it is probably one of my favorite homes that we have ever built,” Crocker says. Joanne echoes the praise for the entire team as well. “Duffany absolutely did what they said, and to say they are responsive doesn’t even seem to explain it because you never have to think twice about any interaction. They are either one step ahead of you or right by your side. We were so fortunate to have found them.”

Given the desirable waterfront location, the homeowners obviously spend as much time on the beach, in the yard and on their decks and patios as possible. Theresa Sprague, owner of BlueFlax Design in Harwich, successfully designed the landscape plan to restore the ecological integrity to the built environment, without, as she puts it, “forgetting that people and human activity are an important part of our ecosystems.” Dvorsack incorporated a second oversized outdoor shower on the backside of the garage, as well as a uniquely accessed bathroom so that the party doesn’t have to retreat inside before they are ready. A cozy tavern with three taps makes sure this beer-loving family is always fully hydrated. And a unique crescent-shaped fire pit that hugs a stone terrace dotted with Adirondack chairs reinforces the notion that there are still reasons to stay outside even after the sun has set.

The process of building a home, particularly one that is adored and relished by the people who get to live in it, can be an unknown and daunting process. Not just for the architect, not just for the builder and not just for the homeowner, but also for everyone involved. The best scenario involves building something before the home—building a relationship of trust amongst all of the individuals. That’s not something that is always easy; it requires shared vision, voices strong enough to be heard, portals of understanding flexible enough to allow new perspectives to enter, and a commitment to create something of quality with lasting meaning. Only then do you have a chance of building something that truly becomes a home.

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