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A True Cape Colony

Yacht Club Road

Highfield Hall’s House and Garden Tour celebrates the genuine Cape resort of East Falmouth’s Menauhant

Photo by John L. Moore

Wendy Bigelow has spent each of her 72 summers in Menauhant. After owning a home on Central Avenue for many years, she and her husband, George, decided to build a new home that would accommodate their children and grandchildren. Through word of mouth—how most of the neighborhood’s properties become available for sale—Bigelow learned that the existing cottage on Yacht Club Road was on the market. “It was lovely 50 years ago, but like some of the homes in the area, it had become very neglected,” says Bigelow. In the original structure’s place, Bigelow contracted Denise Bonoli to design a Cape-style gambrel with a front porch punctuated by gracious white columns. Dormers maximize the second story rooms, and the living areas have lofty ceilings that promote a spacious, airy flow. Windows are large and topped with transoms to capture the light. Interior window treatments are simple, allowing views of the lush landscape and ocean beyond.

“I walk out my door onto the same dirt road that I’ve walked since I was a child,” says Bigelow. “It’s the same contiguous area, a very special, close knit community of people. The kids all hang out together, never leaving the neighborhood. Some of them even intermarry.” However, that’s not what Bigelow did: her husband George was a Falmouth native. “He was a ‘townie.’ I brought him into the group,” she recalls. “My friends were wary at first, but soon they welcomed him.”

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