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A Whole Lotta Love: At HOME with George Davis

Beth and George Davis

Beth and George Davis, at home in their newly remodeled kitchen, where they host family and friends and will continue to for years to come.

The Davis home is one that reflects strong family ties

George and Beth Davis both grew up in Yarmouth, so it only makes sense that they would raise their family in their hometown, right? But, like most of life, the path we find ourselves on can rarely be predicted by just simple circumstance. Sometimes things are just meant to be and we are not even aware of the forces that bring us together. Such was the case for this unique couple. Despite having grown up in the same town, the two did not meet until after college. A friend of Beth’s was invited to a party in New Hampshire by a mutual friend of George’s, Beth tagged along, and the rest, they say, is history. When recounting this story almost 30 years later, Beth and Skip (a moniker given to George at birth and used by those who truly know him) actually speak in unison as they describe the events and circumstances leading up to their fateful yet unexpected meeting. These two have a strong and close bond that can only occur after years of sharing a life together. Even their website describes them as spouses, partners and best friends. Team Davis also includes five bright, unique and dynamic children, who Beth describes as “incredible human beings, each and every one of them.”

George Davis, Inc. is a full-service design, building and renovation firm located in a charming residential-style building in South Yarmouth. A visit to their offices often renders visitors slightly shocked and surprised to see the professional kitchen displays and examples of their fine craftsmanship throughout the impeccably kept building. But the Davis’ home is where this couple can truly stand amidst all of their professional acumen, seasoned with a good dose of family warmth.

Skip’s father was the local wood shop teacher at Mattacheese Middle School, and Skip assisted him with his part-time carpentry business throughout his childhood. Clearly his father was an effective teacher, since Skip has successfully been providing Cape Cod homeowners with quality and ingenuity for over 30 years. The Davis’ home was built by Skip 17 years ago, but they freely admit that they were never happy with the original kitchen. Skip says their frustrations started with the limestone tile that was perhaps part of a defective batch. The kitchen remodel finally happened when Skip returned home from work one day and found Beth painting cabinets herself. “I couldn’t take it anymore,” she recalls. “I decided I would just repaint the cabinets. I mean, I’m a builder’s wife, you know how the saying goes.” Skip laughs as he agrees with Beth’s observation but also adds a cautionary disclaimer: “Beth is a very thorough painter. She paints everything, and I mean everything—the knobs, the glass, the counters, the dog…” Beth finishes his sentence by admitting, “Yeah, that’s probably right, but I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

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