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Next Wave: HOME Annual 2019

The Next Wave

Profiles on emerging young professionals in the local home building industry

Since we started our “Next Wave” series in 2017, time and time again I’ve been impressed by the young professionals from the local home building industry that I’ve interviewed. I’ve been so struck that every one of them has emphasized how important the people around them are—that without the support of their coworkers, business partners or employees they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. It’s a testament to how grounded they are and the value they place on teamwork, which is vital in this industry. These are individuals that go after what they want and are always seeking growth, both professionally and personally, and I can’t help but feel inspired to do the same after our conversations.

Our HOME Annual 2019 class, if you will, of The Next Wave is no different. As you read their stories on the following pages, I hope you’re just as inspired by these five standout, enthusiastic leaders and their already remarkable careers. And regardless of your profession, you’ll learn something valuable from the fresh perspectives they share.

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