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ACK and You Shall Receive

No matter which home you rent, if you’re looking for concierge service, Bruce will connect you to the company’s liaison for Key Concierge, a five-star service that can do anything from the mundane (buy and deliver the groceries, pick up prescriptions, have bicycles brought to your doorstep) to the sublime (engage an in-house chef to cook for you and waitstaff to serve the meals, turn you into Thurston Howell III on a 95-foot private yacht, or order up an in-home massage). The firm places a concierge right on the island for each season so that whenever you arrive, your stay can pretty much be as indulgent as you wish. Guests at Nantucket Accommodations are able to log right into the company’s own branded microsite on the larger Key site.

Before choosing a home to retreat to, check out the virtual tours of the very high-end residences on the Nantucket Accommodations website, A couple of the virtual tours aren’t plain old videos but interactive installations that allow you to go forward, backward, or up or down a staircase to zero in on a feature that looks particularly interesting to you. You can even see the entire home as if it were a dollhouse with the outside walls cut away yet with all the furniture in place to give you a really good sense of what the place feels like when you’re in it. Think of it as a super easy-to-use video game that offers an augmented sense of what you’re signing on for.

The virtual reality feature appears on the site because Nantucket Accommodations owner Kenan Giguere, also an island resident, owns Giguere Interactive. It’s a company that specializes in immersive media, using Matterport Service Provider (think 3D technology) to make you feel as if you are there. (Giguere is currently in discussions with island museums so that people will be able to “visit” them and explore exhibits from home.) 

A few other things to know before you book. First, Bruce can engage in some pretty hire-wire reservation acrobatics, including finding temporary housing for construction crews and other teams of workers, booking lodgings for private flight crews (Nantucket has the second busiest of Massachusetts’s eight airports), and even making arrangements for wedding or reunion guests. “A lot of people put us in their save-the-date info as a source of lodging reservations,” he says. If you call him directly with enough advance notice, he may be able to book blocks of rooms in certain establishments, depending on the season and the availability. He has pulled some pretty remarkable rabbits out of his hat.

Second, if you absolutely must take your laptop with you to get work done in between massages, you can rent office space through another of Giguere’s companies, My Office, at Eight workspaces are available, each with a private, lockable desk. There are also printers, a microwave, fridge, and 24-hour access with electronic locks. “We get a lot of stockbrokers in there,” Giguere says. “They’ll bring in several monitors.” (Somebody has to earn the money that pays the concierge service to hire a cook who steams the lobster tails and takes them out of the shell for you, right?) 

Finally, if you book a stay through Nantucket Accommodations, Bruce can get you a $15 discount on a round-trip ticket for the high-speed ferry out of Hyannis, operated by the Steamship Authority. The savings are enough for a couple of ice cream cones at the ever popular Juice Bar right in town on Broad Street. 

Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you in line there. I’m pretty sure the concierge service can’t guarantee getting the ice cream back to your rental property before it melts. 

To reach Bruce Harrison at Nantucket Accommodations, call (508) 228-9559. Visit for more information.

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