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All Aboard to Snow Country

Cape Cod Ski Club in Telluride

Nancy Whitehurst, Karen DeAngelis, John Terwilliger, Bob DeAngelis and Tom Hutchinson skiing together in Telluride, Colorado in 2018.

Cape Cod Ski Club president Nancy Whitehurst has been an active member since 1995. Unsurprisingly, many of her closest friendships have begun and bloomed in this time. The club attracts “great, active people,” she says. “It gives people the opportunity to have fun. The club is social, too.” Whitehurst says that current membership stands at about 400 members. “We did have up to 700 members years ago, but 400 to 500 is better.” With too many people, she notes, it becomes harder to join trips. Over the years, the club has also seen the importance of keeping things simple. Whitehurst says, “We try to stay away from other big travel activities and stick to skiing, but we’ll have some events throughout the year such as kayaking, a clambake, or a movie night.”

The Cape Cod Ski Club releases three “menus” of trips that members can sign up for. First, in August, it announces the fly trips. “These usually sell out right away,” says Whitehurst. These typically include airfare, accommodation in condos or hotels, five days of lift tickets, daily breakfasts, and one or two group dinners or gatherings. “They’re usually priced for groups of 42 to 44,” she continues, “though for popular ones, sometimes we’ll add on.” The next trips the club publicizes will be the overnight ones, then the weekday trips. Typically, by the end of October or early November, the complete menus will be available online.

Many club members began their involvement by taking day trips. These cost $88 and include transportation and lift tickets. As a point of reference, the average price of a day pass in New England is around $90. Brendan Pickett of Dennis says, “I joined in 2014, just doing day trips. I heard from members on the bus rides back to the Cape about the fly trips and overnights, and starting in 2015 I was all in. Now I go on one yearly fly trip, a couple of overnights, and as many day trips with the club as I can in between.” Pickett is a snowboarder but has felt completely welcome. He says, “You can’t really beat the price, plus there’s no stress of driving. You get to the mountain rested and ready to go.” This year, Pickett, 34, accepted an invitation to join the board of directors, where he represents a younger generation. This aligns with one of the club goals, which is, Nancy Whitehurst says, “to attract more millenials.” For the upcoming season, Pickett is most looking forward to the club’s excursion to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “This is where I took my first fly trip,” he notes, “and I had an amazing time.”

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