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Art For Art’s Sake

The homeowner, for her part, appreciates that they will curate solutions by a particular artist if they don’t have it in their own gallery and that they work with you to help you discover what you’re after. “They guide you with questions,” she says. She also appreciates the company’s no-pressure approach. “They don’t want to make the sale,” she comments. “They want your home to feel as personal as artwork is. I don’t think I could work with a traditional gallery the way I work with them.” 

It’s not just homeowners who find value in the collaborative process. From New York to California and from Europe to the Middle East, Boston Art works with clients on both indoor and outdoor art installations for everything from the public spaces in luxury condominiums to academic institutions, hospitals, hospitality suites, and corporate settings. If you have enjoyed the sculptures on the grounds of Charlestown’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, for instance, you have Boston Art to thank. 

Each client, whether for a residence or a commercial space, is assigned both a highly knowledgeable and experienced art consultant and a project manager to make sure everything runs smoothly on the administrative end, explains Boston Art founder John Kirby.  And they take it calmly and methodically, as both the homeowner and Shulman can attest. “We like to talk about your project,” Kirby says. “We don’t believe in pushing anybody into anything.”

In fact, if what you want doesn’t exist, Boston Art will commission it for you. Sometimes, Kirby says, what’s required for a location doesn’t happen to be in an artist’s studio or among the racks of paintings in their own gallery. But once an artist is identified as having the desired style or approach, they will work with him or her to create just the thing for a particular space.

“That’s the value proposition,” Kirby says, “helping you figure out what will be dynamic in your home or elsewhere.”

Or, as the homeowner puts it, “They kind of just make it happen.”

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