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Art on the Plate: C Salt Wine Bar & Grille

“The plating of the food is very important. People eat with their eyes first. You want to make sure that the plate is presentable, tight, clean and fun.”– Chef & owner: Jonathan Philips

C Salt Wine Bar and Grille

Sushi grade #1 tuna loin seared rare on top of a crispy jasmine rice cake and sautéed sesame bok choy paired with wasabi vinaigrette, drizzled with soy syrup and pomegranate syrup, and garnished with fresh lime and cilantro

Chef & owner: Jonathan Philips

Jonathan Philips, chef and owner of C Salt Wine Bar & Grille in Falmouth, is marrying his international culinary talents with his newfound love for Cape Cod. “What we try to create at C Salt is a feeling of Cape Cod, but when you walk into the restaurant you’re transported to food meccas like Napa Valley, New York and Boston,” says Philips, who describes the style of his food as modern American with continental influences. “I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into doing one certain type of cuisine.”

The “C” in C Salt is an homage to Philips’ late mother, Cheryl, who passed away just before the restaurant’s grand opening in 2013. Personal touches extend far beyond just the name of the restaurant. C Salt has become a staple in the Falmouth community, a place where locals know to order the “secret” bar burger and visitors can experience top-notch food in an environment that is the perfect blend of cozy and lively. “I fell in love with Falmouth instantly, and I haven’t left since,” says Philips, who moved there with his wife, Jill, in 2007.

“I want to develop fun food, approachable food, and food that people want to come back and eat,” he says. C Salt also offers an expansive wine and beverage program, with over 150 bottles of wine and fresh craft beers and cocktails. Like the food menu, the drinks change seasonally, keeping Philips on his toes, always pushing him to create fresh, creative recipes.

“I just have a passion for food,” says Philips, and the evidence of this is certainly on the plate.

C Salt Wine Bar & Grille

75 Davis Straits, Falmouth


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