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Art on the Plate: PB Boulangerie Bistro

Nestled in the corner of Lecount Hollow Road and Route 6, PB Boulangerie shines like a bright yellow homing beacon for those looking for the highest quality French patisseries and breads as well as classic French bistro cuisine. Started by Chef Philippe Rispoli in 2009, PB Boulangerie has earned itself an almost cult like following on the Cape and for good reason. Rispoli has brought his Michelin Star skills to Wellfleet and the community is better off (and filled with amazing food) because of it.

Rispoli, a French native, started his journey studying in France before joining teams of Michelin Starred restaurants in Lyons and Cannes, before moving to the United States and finally earning his own Michelin Star for his work at the Daniel Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. He then decided it was time to open his own restaurant. After visiting Cape Cod for vacation, Rispoli had to choose between Wellfleet and Los Angeles for a restaurant location, ultimately ending up on the Cape. “Cape Cod is a beautiful region for the seafood, the fish, and the people,” Rispoli says of his decision to land on the Cape. “What makes a restaurant and being a chef is the people who come inside the restaurant.” Rispoli’s main focus when opening PB was the quality of the food and providing customers with only the best when it comes to French pastries and cuisine. “We wanted to create a neighborhood here, somewhere really convivial, open morning through the night, and making sure we don’t cut corners on the quality of the products.” And Rispoli and his team have done just that. With its wide open dining room, sunroom, outdoor seating, and open kitchen and bakers oven up front, everyone who visits feels welcome to sit and enjoy. “These past ten years we’ve gotten a following of customers who come in and you realize you’re making something they really like,” says Rispoli. “I enjoy being here everyday, running my business everyday and working with my people.”

“I just want people to come in, and feel like they’re at home.” -Philippe Rispoli

While the name Boulangerie puts the focus on the baked goods, specifically the incredible bread, the Bistro at PB has become a go to for brunches, lunches and date nights. Everything in the bistro is made from scratch with a focus on fresh, high quality ingredients. Pictured above is the Slow Poached Cod Fish, which features smashed yukon gold potatoes, braised leek, and little neck clams in a lemon-clam jus. The potatoes are roasted until soft, then smashed to create a perfect bed for the fish and clams. Rispoli says the key to cooking the perfect piece of fish is to remove the fish from heat just before it’s cooked, as it will continue to cook in its own heat, so that when it is delivered to the table, it is perfectly flaky and delicious. While a hearty meal with fish, potatoes and clams, the lemon-clam jus and braised leek lighten the dish to a refreshing yet filling meal.

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