Art on the Plate

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well 

-Virginia Woolf

There are few subjects that so consistently permeate classical art culture as still life depictions of food. Like all of the greatest works of art, food elicits pleasure and critical thinking, and it’s no wonder that the plating of a dish has been elevated over the years as an art form in and of itself. We’ve decided to step beyond the easel and explore the talented artists that have long inspired artistic recreations of food: the chefs.

Cuisine is a fundamental aspect of any culture, and the art of gastronomy is certainly a personal one, giving diners the opportunity to experience the values and influences of the chef who, like any artist, has a story to tell. Their composition lies in sourcing the finest ingredients and finding ways to insert their personalities into a dish while still creating something to delight the taste buds. Across the Cape and Islands, a successful presentation often relies on local components that are fresh, beautiful and delicious as well, and diners are lucky enough to reap the benefits of that commitment to local flavor.

In putting together this project, we had the opportunity to get to know some incredible chefs and restaurateurs and watch firsthand as they poured their souls into a dish. From colorful flatbreads to tantalizing scallops, each plate is its own experience—a reflection of the artist and a presentation of their personality. We are so excited to recreate those experiences for you, our readers, and hopefully inspire your next meal.

There’s so much to explore in regard to the creation and plating of a dish, so we’ve created video content to accompany the dishes you'll see here.

So without further ado, we proudly present to you our brand new, long-awaited series: Art on the Plate. Bon Appetit!

(Check back soon for more videos!)