Art on the Plate: Encore Bistro & Bar

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Writer: Allyson Plessner / Photographer: Elizabeth Shaw and Teagan Anne 

“Food is my way of expressing myself on the plate, of telling my story, and I put my heart into every single dish.” – Co-Owner & Executive Chef: Tyler LaChance

Encore Bistro Bar swordfish

Cast iron seared swordfish tips marinated in a creamy herb dressing, paired with tomatoes, garlic chips, asparagus and salmon bacon, topped with a warm hollandaise sauce


Owners: JC & Joann Cuchetti, Shawn Stuber, Jake Nardini • Co-Owner & Executive Chef: Tyler LaChance

“I think everything we do here complements the community,” says Tyler LaChance, executive chef and co-owner of Encore Bistro & Bar. Opened three years ago, Encore has become a go-to spot for locals. “It’s kind of an escape for people,” says LaChance, “but we also have a great bar life.”

Encore is a charming spot located in the heart of Dennis Village. “I think the unique thing about the restaurant is that we are a bar and a fine dining restaurant in one, and we serve food to complement that,” says LaChance. The menu at Encore changes twice a year to keep up with fresh new ideas and local ingredients. Guests can enjoy everything from a burger and a game at the bar to more sophisticated meals in the dining room or on the patio out back, decorated with quaint wrought iron seating and aged wooden fences. “It doesn’t matter where you sit, the whole menu is yours to explore, with creative spins on Cape Cod classics and some new concepts to keep the taste buds guessing,” says LaChance.

“My favorite part about cooking is all the different ways that what you make can bring people together, whether it be an anniversary or first date or just a get together between the guys,” says LaChance, who first became interested in cooking at age 15. “If it takes 10 or 15 seconds to put a little extra into every plate, that little bit sets us apart.” At Encore, LaChance has the opportunity to put those extra seconds into every dish, and hold his staff to the same high standard. “I love coming to work because I get to spend time with my second family,” he says of his staff. That passionate commitment to food and to people is also apparent in his dishes.

Encore Bistro & Bar

36 Hope Lane, Dennis


Allyson Plessner

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