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Artful Partners

Steve Lyons and Peter Demers each contributed their talents to the Steve Lyons Gallery that now honors their shared legacy.

Partnership is not a posture, but a process—a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks.” – John F. Kennedy

Seeking Refuge, 36″ x 72″

Where and how does an artist begin a life of creating? For some it seems hard-wired from birth, for others an influential event or moment might have spurned an irrepressible desire to create. For Steve Lyons, the beginnings of what ultimately became a career of creative production and influence, might have been considered far less auspicious than others.

“Steve started painting on scrap lumber when he lived in Provincetown years and years ago,” Gabriel Beaton, manager at the Steve Lyons Gallery on Main Street in Chatham explains. “It was an inexpensive, actually free, material but what he did with it really drew people in.” Lyons’ seascapes, small landscapes and abstracts set the stage for a technique that quickly became associated with his work, partially due to the rustic background provided by the discarded wood, and partially because of his unique, natural style: a textural viscosity. The works became known as “Momento Paintings,” a fitting title since they literally mark the moment Lyons listened to his creative voice.

After achieving success within the Provincetown art scene, in 2014 Lyons and his partner Peter Demers decided to put down roots in Chatham, not only for Steve to continue to create, but also as a way to connect his art, his vision and his creative spirit to a supportive and appreciative community. Demers, who had a successful career that included education, marketing, business development and publishing, applied his unique talents to the successful creation of a gallery to showcase Lyons’ prolific work. The pair, first partners in life, then partners in business, completed and complimented each other as their strengths and weaknesses combined for a strong collaboration and a successful addition to the Chatham business community. Demers was able to invest his well-honed business talents as he deftly responded to the public’s interest and passion for Lyons’ work and Lyons was able to indulge where his creativity naturally gravitated. 

The Love Affair • 16” x 20” • acrylic on canvas

It is not a natural instinct for most artists to competently run a business and promote their art, all while listening to their creative muse. But this dynamic duo was a winning combination. As the foundation for the gallery was established, Lyons’ intrepid exploration of where his art could evolve not only pushed past the boundaries of traditional technique, but with each daring step Lyons took, Demers was able to provide the perfect stage for his work through gallery openings, receptions and exhibitions. 

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