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Artist Profile: Candice Ronesi

Hydrangeas • Acrylic on canvas • 12″ x 12″

Cape Cod has long been home to artists from all walks of life. From those just starting out, to seasoned creators, the Cape is a haven for both artists and those who appreciate their work, and not simply because of the inspirational natural beauty that abounds. The culture of the Cape is inextricably bound to the artist colonies that dot the region, the eclectic galleries that line the streets, the museums that celebrate one-of-a-kind works of art, and the community that continuously supports a flourishing art scene. For painter Candice Ronesi, moving to the Cape and experiencing that culture provided her with an opportunity to do something she never thought she would: become an artist.

When Candice and her husband honeymooned on Cape Cod, they knew it was the place they wanted to call home someday. “It took us 13 years to make that dream come true. Now, we can’t imagine being anywhere else,” she says. As a lifelong admirer of the arts, Candice quickly decided to fill her days volunteering at the Cahoon Museum of American Art in Cotuit and Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich. “I learned so much about art and the opportunities for artists here on the Cape,” she shares, explaining that her time volunteering inspired her to begin taking classes at the Cape Cod Art Center. “Nearly two decades later, I still take weekly art classes,” she says. 

Candice’s body of work is filled with what she calls the simple things, “Beaches in the off-season, antique houses, narrow passageways between old buildings, rusty bicycles, boarded up cottages, broken fences—there is beauty in all of that,” she reflects. “There is a beautiful quote by Emerson that I often think of when choosing a subject, ‘Each moment of the year has its own beauty…which shall never…

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