Artist Profile: Chris O’Dell Ferguson

Cape Cod Art  /  ART Annual 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman

Ascent • Acrylic • 40" x 60" “I don’t ever remember not creating art,” shares Chris O’Dell Ferguson. “I was kind of born into it. I have a very artistic family. We didn’t even have a television when I was young. So I have been creating my whole life. I guess it’s just kind of who I am.” It seems as though Ferguson has curated her life to revolve around and feed her artistic spirit.  While she did major in fine art and illustration at college, Ferguson hasn’t stayed on one single path. During college, she was a bookkeeper, and has also been a firefighter and EMT. Moving to Cape Cod after she was married, Ferguson was able to find a spot for her artwork in a gallery on Main Street in Hyannis, which has since closed, but is now showcased in two galleries on the Cape, as well as the Warehouse Art Gallery in Virginia, where the rest of her family is. “It’s a matter of finding galleries that fit your personality,” she shares. An artist who doesn’t stick with one medium, it can be said that Ferguson’s talent lies within an umbrella of styles. “I think my style happens organically with my work,” Ferguson muses. “I could actually categorize my style as right in-between my two daughters. I have one who is a detailed portrait artist and an illustrator, and the other who simply sits on the floor and creates florals in a kind of hippie style. There’s my planning side, where I think about composition, color or scenery. Or if I’m out and taking pictures or painting out on the beach, I’ll create a bigger piece based on that one moment of inspiration. Art is just organic for me.”  Infinity • Watercolor • 56" x 22" Among…

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