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ArtWeek 2019 is going to be a hit!

Sticks & Stones at Heritage Museums & Gardens

With the Cape and Islands officially being recognized in the new inclusive model, 2018 saw 50 events across the region. This year that number has almost doubled. Explaining the support that the Boch Center provides ArtWeek, Sullivan says, “We see ArtWeek as an umbrella, and we are sort of a facilitator, a community champion providing the support and the outreach that brings everyone together for a week of creative and unique events.” Tactically, they provide the website,, where every accepted event gets its own page with a photo and all of the relevant information surrounding their event. Additionally the website is organized by six regions within the state to make it as easy as possible for individuals to find events in their area. “We function also as the marketing and PR arm of ArtWeek,” says Sullivan. “We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats—everyone benefits from the success of the others. But we also hope that the ArtWeek festival has a greater benefit than beyond the 10 days.”

In fact, that desire is having a real impact on the success of the Cape-based events. Towns like Orleans and Harwich are cross-promoting each other’s events. Some local lodging businesses on the Cape are presenting package weekends and making schedules of suggested events available for their guests. Sullivan’s reference to tides raising boats is quite apt for the Cape’s local economy, particularly during a sleepy spring.

Celtic History Labyrinth · presented by the Harwich Cultural Center

“It’s not just nonprofits and it’s not just cultural groups or artists,” Sullivan says. “We encourage businesses and Main Streets and chambers to come on board so that ArtWeek is the connective tissue to get all of those groups to activate their spaces and their communities in new ways, especially in a shoulder season when people are not traditionally thinking of traveling to the Cape during the last week in April.”

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