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As Simple as Black and White

Kitchen designed by Irina MacPhee

Irina MacPhee’s design choices in this Yarmouth Port kitchen seem subtle, but have tremendous impact.

Pastiche of Cape Cod’s kitchen design division transforms a Yarmouth Port kitchen into a sophisticated and functional hub of the home

Some decisions are simple. Some are difficult. Some are lengthy, and some occur in an instant. And some possess a hidden connection to future, yet-to-be-imagined possibilities. Such was the case the day Yarmouth Port homeowners Eveline and Steve were driving down Route 6A, past the former West Barnstable showroom of Pastiche of Cape Cod. “The oversized fire pit orb with a cutout of Cape Cod always made us turn our heads,” recalls Eveline. “That day we stopped and without ever intending to get into a discussion of remodeling our kitchen, we just had a lovely conversation with Irina.”

That would be Irina MacPhee, principal of Pastiche, who, after over two decades of providing bespoke interior design services to clients on Cape Cod as well as along the entire East Coast, has consolidated operations to a new showroom in Dennis Port. Augmenting her considerable expertise in design and remodeling, MacPhee has launched a new branch of her business offering kitchen design, complete with an exclusive line of custom cabinetry not currently available anywhere else in the region.

“Everything just came together with this project,” MacPhee explains. “The homeowners had accomplished renovations on much of the rest of their house—everything except the kitchen. I mean, no one really looks forward to remodeling their kitchen, why would you? It interrupts your life, makes a mess, leaves you without daily conveniences, and takes several months.” Maybe due to the calming and competent discussion that ensued that day of their first meeting, maybe due to an easy path of progression the conversation revealed, for whatever unknown elements of happenstance, a decision was made to embark on a journey of kitchen renovation, with Irina MacPhee and the resources of Pastiche of Cape Cod at the helm.

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