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As Simple as Black and White

Kitchen designed by Irina MacPhee

While MacPhee hasn’t completed the next phase that involves the living areas, a new dry bar in the dining area takes advantage of space created by the new kitchen configuration.

Representing a variety of custom cabinetry lines, including Woodland Cabinetry, which MacPhee says offers flexibility not found in any other line, she is able to maximize a kitchen’s functionality while offering the wide-ranging design options her clients rely on. “In a kitchen, every inch, no, every half-inch, matters,” she says. “This manufacturer works with me to ensure I am able to take advantage of every last inch for my clients. That way I can give them everything they need as well as everything they want. My clients don’t hire me to replace cabinets, rather they choose me to come up with better ideas and provide solutions.”

“This is one of my favorite kitchen projects,” MacPhee says. “It is so clean, it is sleek, and it is so very, very user-friendly.” The homeowners clearly feel that they made a good decision that day they stopped at the West Barnstable showroom, as demonstrated by the compliment they delivered to MacPhee upon completion of the project. “We have been through several home projects before,” Steve states. “But Irina was the most professional person we have ever dealt with. I told her that, I said that she does what she says, says what she is going to do, and she delivered more than 100 percent on our project.” Some decisions are as simple as black and white.

On the next page, Irina MacPhee discusses the history of design in the kitchen.

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