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Just like the first floor den, the second floor landing provides a dedicated area for the active family to unwind.

Suzanne’s complete trust in the A3 team throughout the construction process would prove to be especially crucial, given that she and her husband were living thousands of miles away in London at the time. “My husband and I knew, if Alison was coming to a meeting on the job site, everybody listens to her. She’s well respected by the construction community, and I knew that if Alison said something it was going to be done that way. That gave us a lot of peace of mind.”

“And Meghan’s awesome,” she adds. “She’d go to all the walkthroughs—she wrote everything down, and then she’d send a copy of the notes and I’d be like, ‘Wow, she captured everything.’”

For Suzanne and the team at A3, the joy they shared in working together is reflected in the success of the project—and will continue to be reflected as Suzanne and her family enjoy their Chatham home for years to come.

“What I did say to Alison, when it was done and I came back from London, I asked her, ‘Does everybody say to you, You gave me exactly what I wanted? Because you gave me what I had dreamed about in my head.’”

“The best part of my job, for me, is the clients and working with homeowners to make their dreams come true,” Alessi says. “I loved that kind of collaboration with these clients; it was really fun. They’re just delightful people.”

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