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A look at the rich history of Baxter’s

Ben Baxter Jr. was a scrappy character: a tinkerer, a collector and restorer, a fisherman and captain, and among his special talents was sailing. He befriended and raced many Kennedys, including the future president, who he had the audacity to beat in a sailboat race, according to local lore. 

The Baxter-Kennedy relationship is as long as a generational yardarm, as evidenced throughout the restaurant. An envelope, postmarked August 3, 1961, contained a thank-you note from the White House and is addressed to Warren Baxter. Next to it, encased in glass, is a short companion article, dated August 16, 1961, from Time magazine. It reads: “Baxter’s Fish Market was standing anxiously by, awaiting the order for lobsters and fish for chowder.” President Kennedy was entertaining Lester B. Pearson, the Canadian Prime Minister, at the compound.

Warren Baxter Jr. (known as “Barney”) befriended Senator Ted Kennedy, who would patronize the restaurant to say hello and enjoy fried clams. The late senator’s water skis can be seen hanging from the ceiling inside. Another memorable patron: the Terminator himself. Sam recalls—casually and hilariously—one day seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger adorned with an apron cooking his own swordfish in the kitchen. Just another day at the office.

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