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Bayside Beauty

Because of its central location, the outdoor living space pulls double duty as both a lounge area and a kitchen. The colorful lounge chairs and bubbling jacuzzi share their space with a stone fire pit, a grill and numerous amenities essential for the perfect summer barbecue.

To bring the outside in, natural light is prioritized throughout the home, particularly in the master suite. Located on the second floor, the master bedroom is dotted with white-trimmed windows oriented towards the water. A trio of floor to ceiling glass panels invites the Cape Cod sun to flood the room with warmth, and opens to reveal a cozy, curved balcony furnished with chairs and a table to enjoy a cup of tea on a slow morning. “When you’re on that little round deck facing the water, you can see all of Lewis Bay,” recalls Mike Nardone of MJ Nardone, “It’s really a very unique spot.”

Perhaps the most strikingly sunny spot in the master suite is located in the adjoining bathroom. “My favorite feature in the house is probably the soaking tub,” says Tolley, “One of the homeowner’s desires was for the soaking tub to have a view.  It was a little bit challenging, but we ended up being able to put a nice soaking tub right in front of the master bathroom window.” The window offers a landscape view of the stone jetty and wooden docks of the houses along the street, while the tub itself screams sophistication. Bordered by clean white wainscotting and reflective grey granite, the soaking tub is the striking focal point of this room of relaxation.

The materials used for the home were carefully selected to reflect the dreamy location. The flooring throughout the house is the same light grey of weathered driftwood. In the master bathroom, the shower floor is textured with stones one might find on the beach, while the walls of each room flaunt various hues of pale greens, blues and greys. Even the stairs are supported by visible cables reminiscent of fishing wire. “I find that people with waterfront homes really want to capture the sense of the classic Cape Cod beach house,” Tolley explains, “That’s really what drives things like finishings and colors. Everybody wants that beach house feel.”

This vision clearly influenced the design of the home’s uppermost room. Atop the master suite, a half-story office gives way to a sunbathed roof deck keeping watch over the sprawling bay beneath. For Nardone, the office and roofdeck are the most unique attributes of the house. “If I could wake up every day to an office with a sliding door that opens up to Lewis Bay, I’d be happy,” he laughs.

The office itself proved to be a haven during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crowned with a chandeliered cupola, the office ceiling is entirely paneled in natural cedar wood to mimic looking out at the bay from inside the hull of a schooner. Painted a seafoam green and tastefully adorned with white carpeting and a cozy blue couch, the office proved to be the ideal sanctuary to thrive during a year of at-home employment.

Each room in this seaside home embodies its waterfront location in a meaningful way. From stunning bay views to wide open spaces for the family to enjoy a Cape Cod summer together, the property seamlessly unites its extraordinary setting with the importance of family connection. “I love the feeling of improving a house and turning it into something beautiful, and that’s really what we do,” Tolley reflects, “And in this case, I really think we were able to capture everything that the homeowner envisioned.”

The homeowner whole-heartedly agrees, “From my perspective it couldn’t have gone any better since Erik and Mike have worked closely together on several projects, there are no questions marks, so it was very seamless. And once we settled on the design with Erik there really weren’t any surprises. Working with them got us exactly what we envisioned and more.”

Hannah Kunze is a contributing writer for Cape Cod Life Publications.

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