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Bayside Beauty

Sudbury Design Group transforms a challenging seaside landscape

The home sits on a well-manicured lawn and is surrounded by plenty of lush green landscape. Photo by Michael Lee

On the ocean-side of the property, there were conservation concerns that had not been addressed during the home’s construction eight years before. “It was a coastal bank situation, that had really not been taken care of properly,” says Coutu, whose firm has gained invaluable experience working with conservation authorities for several coastal clients. “There was little to no proper storm water management,” Coutu explains. “Everything we did brought the property up to current storm water guidelines. The local conservation folks were very happy with us.”

To add color and interest to a wild native landscape on the property’s approach down to the ocean, masses of native pink roses were planted above a stonewall encircling the ocean view landscape. All the stonewalls and patios on the property were designed and built by Sudbury Design crew, many of whom have been with the company for decades.

“I think that is one thing that really sets us apart from other landscape design firms,” says Coutu, who notes that Sudbury Design has worked on numerous projects on the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket as well as throughout Eastern Massachusetts. “Our clientele are looking for people with a lot of experience. Two of our project managers have been with us for 27 years, one has been with us for 16 years, another for 10. We have very low staff turnover, which really helps with a comprehensive project like this.”

That may explain how Sudbury Design was able to completely transform this idyllic Cape location into a stunning, multiple-use landscape with extensive hard and softscape features, new septic and irrigation systems, relocated and newly constructed out-buildings, and more—in just eight months.

When he is asked why he believes his firm was chosen a Best of Boston winner, Coutu gives a typically under-stated response. “Well, we offer complete design and build services that can be much more efficient in terms of time—and will often save costs for our customers as well,” says Coutu, whose son recently joined Sudbury Design’s staff of 30 to 35.

“This project was pretty typical for us really,” says Coutu when he is asked to explain further how the project was completed—during a Cape Cod winter in a challenging seaside location—by the homeowners’ requested July 4th date the following summer. “The homeowners were absolutely thrilled.”

For information on Sudbury Design Group, go to, or call 978-443-3638.

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