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Blitz Build Blessing


Photo by Jennifer Dow

How the 2015 Blitz Build home came together in just five days is a testament, say Meyer, O’Rourke, and HBRACC Executive Officer Christine Duren, to the year-long planning in advance. “It’s an amazing organizational process,” Duren says, with the planning team meeting once a month for 12 months to arrange for supplies, schedule professional crews, and raise the necessary funds. “It went from foundation to weather-tight in one day,” she says. And on day five, they had a certificate of occupancy by noon.

“It’s a very demanding schedule,” says O’Rourke, with 75 hours of work in total needed to complete the home in the five-day period, “and we’re really asking a lot of the people that donate labor and time to be here late, come early, to bring their entire crew—not just one or two guys. When they are here they have to just get in and hustle and get it done.”

This year’s Build presented its own unique set of challenges. Being a two-story house as opposed to a ranch like the first Cape Cod Blitz Build home—built in Orleans in 2013—Duren says a lot more went into this project, including a staircase and more framing. Last time around, framing was built on the first day, but this year Anderson Framing pre-built the walls at Mid-Cape Home Centers in Orleans on August 7, over a month before the build began.

Having a Blitz Build already under their belt proved to be an asset to organizers this year, knowing what didn’t work last time and where adjustments needed to be made this time. “This year we learned stuff that we will make adjustments for in two years,” O’Rourke says.

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