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‘Blitz’ project builds home and hope

Blitz Build

Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod

For the third time, the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod teams up with Habitat for Humanity to change a family’s life in just one week

Remember in college when you moved into an apartment with slanted floors and peeling paint just to be sure you could pay rent? Maybe you took a second job at some point to help pay off your mortgage. You may cut back on expenditures now and again to feel more secure with your home payments. Housing insecurity is one of the biggest issues facing a global population as well as our local community here on the Cape and Islands. Roughly one in six Americans are in need of affordable housing, but that’s more than just a number. It’s a person—a child, mother, neighbor, friend, relative. An affordable home allows financial room for other necessities, keeping families from having to make impossible decisions between essential needs like rent or food.

Dr. Greg Goldstein of the World Health Organization once commented, “Perhaps the question is not, ‘Can we afford to provide decent housing and basic services for all humans?’ Rather, it is, ‘Can we—the human species—afford not to?’” His words cut to the heart of Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing those in need of an affordable living space with homes and, perhaps more importantly, communities. Homeowners are responsible for a mortgage and work alongside volunteers to create a livable space for themselves. This “sweat equity” is no less than 250 hours of work for a single adult household, according to Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod Director Vicki Goldsmith. Habitat homes are not handouts, but rather opportunities, giving families the space and comfort to work toward a more secure lifestyle and prosperous future.

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