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Blooming at the Water’s Edge

Maria Hickey Associates transforms a sandy backyard into a blooming bank by the sea.

Maria Hickey, owner of Maria Hickey Associates in Falmouth, has been planting dreams for Cape homeowners for over 25 years. The talented and energetic landscape design professional is passionate about the possibilities of design, plant species and understanding her clients to make their projects a personal reflection of their lives and the things they love.

In the fall of 2020, a North Falmouth homeowner called Hickey and asked her for some advice and help to move some things around in the backyard of his newly purchased home, so he could expand his deck and add a hot tub. Hickey took one look at the neglected backyard, which accessed a dock and small beach across from Fiddler’s Cove Marina and said, “Please let me help you create the landscape this view deserves.”

By the summer of 2021, Hickey and her team had transformed the backyard into an explosion of succession blooms that keep the interest for the homeowners, neighbors and boaters throughout the season. Boulders with surfaces perfect for a seat for one or two people in some cases are strategically placed throughout to allow a moment in the garden to appreciate the sunrise, the tranquil boat traffic, or a glass of wine as the dusk gathers.

From spring through fall, blooming trees, perennials, grasses and shrubs provide a botanical experience rarely found on the banks of a saltwater waterway… 

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