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Writer: Rachel Walman / Photographer: Dan Cutrona 

SILVER AWARD - Excellence in Remodeling Kitchens George Davis, Inc.’s project, “A Foodie’s Kitchen Paradise” perfects the recipe for a family’s new kitchen. For most homeowners, an open and connected floorplan is a frequent request for effective design of a home’s living spaces. In the case of lucky and discerning homeowners in Orleans, deliberate and dedicated design is what made their project award worthy for George Davis, Inc. in the 2021 BRICC Awards. Deb Esborn, CKBD, served as the kitchen designer on this project, and as she delved into the process of designing “excellence,” she says the departure from an open plan is what made this space a resounding success. “The rooms of the lower floor were all open to each other, and the homeowners wanted more distinction,” Esborn explains. The living area on the ground floor flowed directly into the kitchen, and before the crew began their work, there was another room they had to take into account. “The husband works from home upstairs; there was a stairwell that went directly from the kitchen, and the noise just traveled straight up the staircase,” explains Esborn. Not only tasked with remodeling the kitchen, the team needed to consider reconfiguring the sound pathways as well.  To create the optimal space for the kitchen to function within the home, some rearranging had to take place. “To make the kitchen bigger, we replaced a large window in the dining room with a sliding door and removed a back door in the kitchen,” relays Esborn. A large, cased opening was installed between the kitchen and dining room to give definition to the two rooms. The hallway to the stairwell was large enough to be converted to a mudroom. “Before, you walked in from the driveway directly into the kitchen, and then had to go around…

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Rachel Walman