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See this beautiful wedding at Bourne Farm

The Best is yet to come

“…and with you, the best is everyday”

Photography by Nicole Ellen Photography

“Can I kiss you yet?,” he whispers. “No, shhh,” she chides with a small smile as they turn back to face the officiant. 

Surrounded by wildflowers of every color and loved ones from all walks of life, Chris Branning and his soon-to-be wife, Nicole Spencer (Nikki as her closest friends and family know her) are a vision rivaling the natural, rustic beauty of Bourne Farm in West Falmouth where they have chosen to celebrate their love. 

“I knew since the moment I met you, my life would never be the same,” Chris tells Nikki as he begins his vows. As a military helicopter pilot and professional sailor of Morning Light fame—the 2008 movie about one of the world’s most challenging and prestigious open-ocean races, the TRANSPAC—life for Chris has been nothing short of extraordinary. “I peaked at Optis,” jokes Nikki about the extent of her sailing experience. But as Chris now shares, meeting Nikki (at a wedding of all places) was a life-changing adventure, one that would navigate him toward a relationship full of incredible memories, including weeks spent along the shores of Cape Cod, and one flawless day at Bourne Farm. 

“I knew the second I locked eyes with him that there was something special there,” says Nikki about meeting Chris. “We talked all night, and I was flying to Florida to see him the very next weekend.” A few years later, Chris was down on one knee in front of a spectacular sunset and the love of his life. “I had one day off all summer,” recalls Nikki, an athlete in her own right as a professional dancer who has traveled all over the world performing on cruise ships. “Chris took me on a surprise trip to the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida. There was even a photographer hiding, dressed as a tourist.” 

“That night I said to him, ‘Oh by the way, we already have a wedding date,” she says with a laugh, recalling how her mother, Adrienne Stuart, had booked Bourne Farm for the following summer and was already hard at work planning the wedding she knew was soon to come. “She’s been waiting for this party my whole life,” jokes Nikki. 

“It was really amazing,” says Adrienne about the big day. “The Bourne Farm lends itself to real romance and magic, especially when the weather was as perfect as it was that day, but it was their true love that stole the show.” 

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