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Bright Ideas

Interior designer Laurie Anastos is winning awards with her sophisticated and intuitive lighting design.

Form and function—the cornerstones of any good design, but Laurie Anastos, principal and founder of Interior Design Concepts, Inc., adds a third element that continues the alliterative principal: finesse. Anastos has finessed her clients’ projects to accomplish the expected form and function, but it is in the unexpected where she delivers creative and unique details that are garnering awards on an international scale. A recent renovation of sophisticated spaces at The Club at New Seabury provided Anastos an adventurous and exciting backdrop for her inspired design talents. The intersection of her design acumen and the uniquely distinctive fixtures and details Anastos chose for the project resulted in a BRICC Award (Builders and Remodelers Industry of Cape Cod) from the local Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HB&RACC), but also a second-place Golden Fork recognition internationally from Golf, Inc. Magazine for the design of The Club’s 95 Shore restaurant.

These kind of accolades don’t happen because you happen to be a designer fortunate enough to have earned the project. This kind of recognition, especially on a worldwide scale, is achieved through creative and unexpected elements that elevate the space to world-class status. The new 95 Shore welcomes members and their guests in a variety of scenarios. Weddings and other special events now have a backdrop worthy of their once-in-a lifetime status. Dinner guests and members enjoying the best-in-class facilities are all bathing in the unique choices Anastos has brought together as her design vision has now been brought to life. 

Lighting by Hubbardton Forge was one of those unique choices. Working locally with the team at Light & Living, a full-service lighting showroom in Eastham, Anastos chose the Vermont manufacturer’s products for both exterior…

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