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Lindsey Adelman and Whitney Ward

Lindsey Adelman and Whitney Ward

Sisters are shining a new light at the Boston Design Center

Growing up, Lindsey Adelman was constantly drawing and creating, while her sister, Whitney Ward, was always close behind lining up and organizing their crayons. Together, the two are the perfect intersection between left and right brain, much in the same way that Adelman’s art is a beautiful medley of structure and grace.

Adelman’s journey into the world of illumination took a running start with the release of her first product, the Branching Bubble chandelier, which the studio describes as “a virtually limitless custom configuration that combines the idiosyncratic natural grace of blown glass with rational, machined components.” Adelman is inspired by her diverse background in such things as art, literature and history, and admirers will note that her pieces are often informed by a multitude of diverse influences, from poetry to architecture.

Lighting is at the core of Adelman’s work, but she also experiments with other mediums. No matter what she is creating, her work is truly an art form, illuminating—both literally and figuratively—the darkest corners and neglected spaces of a room. Each piece of her collection is astoundingly unique and carries its own story, and on top of that, Lindsey Adelman Studio creates custom pieces as well.

A native New Yorker, Adelman has studios in both New York and Los Angeles, and recently she’s partnered with her sister to open a private showroom at the Boston Design Center, where her artwork will mingle with that of other talented designers. “The Boston showroom is a first for us in that it’s a nice place for people to come meet with designers. Our other showrooms are appointment only,” says Adelman. “Here, as part of the Design Center, people can discover us while they’re here for something else.” Working with her sister gives this newest showroom a sense of comfort and family that is a perfect highlight to a series of work meant to bring comfort, warmth and light to a space.

The sisterly bond that Adelman and Ward share is not only what makes the Boston showroom unique, but also something that seems to permeate Adelman’s creations. From their days exploring the many uses of crayons to their time sharing art together and with the world, these sisters have been a constant in each other’s lives, always exploring the boundaries and intersections of organization and creation together. Who better to inspire than a sister?

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