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Building Business: This is Del Mar

Inside, blue jean-colored carpets are contrasted by pops of invigorating orange (Del Mar’s signature colors), and contemporary desks and lighting make for a handsome yet subdued appearance. Windows and glass partitions between workspaces add to that elegant yet fashion-forward environment. Since the footprint didn’t change, the window placement throughout the first floor also remained the same, meaning that there are some asymmetrical elements that defy the symmetry of the space, creating an edgy feel. The best part of the new space? A third roof deck surrounded by stylish, stainless cable rails with views of Orleans’ Town Cove. 

“There are multiple levels of decking and with the stainless steel cables, navy siding, and a cool breeze, you almost feel like you’re on a yacht,” elaborates Chapman. “I think that captures our brand well—it’s this feeling of vacation elegance.” Del Mar embodies both the classic, timeless energy of Cape Cod as well as the accessible, modern requirements of the service industry, and the space certainly speaks to that. “For us, it’s the five-star service that’s really important,” emphasizes Chapman. “Anyone can get their house booked, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be getting the level of service they deserve.” 

Chapman would say that Del Mar solves problems, but it is perhaps even more accurate to say that they anticipate needs—everything from landscaping to housekeeping, the level of service at Del Mar is distinct. And in a world where convenience is king, customers can rest easy knowing that their home or vacation is being handled by a professional, and importantly, local team. 

“You can’t outsource service,” explains Chapman. “Our staff is integrated and talking to each other all the time. We support over 40 year-round jobs, another 30 seasonal employees, and around 100 part-time seasonal team members which means that we can provide true, on-the-ground protection for your home.” Having such a large, local staff means that the Del Mar team has both the expertise and resources to provide renters with long-lasting Cape Cod memories and homeowners with the peace of mind knowing that their home is being taken care of at a standard befitting the Del Mar brand. The growing staff was also a big part of the decision to revitalize the Del Mar offices in order to increase efficiency and give the team a place to work that is representative of the culture of their company. An undeniable benefit to the overall Cape community as a whole is the unseen investment the company makes to the local infrastructure. A gainfully employed work force supports the local economy, and the rental industry that is often derided or criticized is reponsible for millions of dollars flowing to muncipalities from occupancy taxes.

From the desirable areas to work out on the deck, to the functional, chic offices inside, the Del Mar office has become a true a reflection of the brand, thanks to the insight of the Del Mar team and the expertise of those at Cape Associates. Entering the building is like looking at a snapshot of the refined personality that is Del Mar: style, functionality, detail, comfort, and overall, unrivaled experience. These are all the things that make up a great vacation rental, and coincidentally, (or perhaps more accurately: intentionally) they are what form the foundation of Del Mar—both figuratively, and now with a reinvigorated building, literally. 

If you’re looking to find Del Mar online—though really their new office is one that deserves to be enjoyed in person—like many of the deliberate details of the organization, it is perhaps fitting that their URL is That is because every experience with Del Mar, be it in a home, or in their stunning new office, has an unmistakable quality of exceptionalism—one that will make you say, beyond a doubt, “This is Del Mar.” 

For more on Del Mar, visit, and to reach Cape Associates, visit

Allyson Plessner is a freelance writer for Cape Cod Life Publications.

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