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It Really Does Take a Village

Members of the local building community come together
for the fourth time to create a home in just one week.

A home on the Cape: that is the dream of so many. The dream takes root with families who excitedly anticipate two weeks every summer in a familiar rental. It blooms in full color with retirees who envision creating a family legacy for generations to come. And the dream is all too real for so many everyday Cape Codders who invest their efforts into the local community. These are people who have such a great appreciation for the region that their commitment to live here and raise their families here outweighs more sensible options on the other side of the bridge. Yet, the reality of finding affordable housing solutions—housing that also allows them to invest in what has historically become Americans’ greatest source of personal wealth—is an increasingly difficult scenario.

This past September, the Cape’s local building organization, the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HBRACC), came together and joined forces to successfully build a home for one deserving family in just one week under the Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod’s Blitz Build program. It was the fourth time the organization has executed the phenomenal efforts that are impressive enough before considering the feat is accomplished in just five short (in reality long) days. But, the efforts behind the frenzied week of activity are a result of a year’s investment of time, energy, resources and vision by a dedicated group of local professionals. A committee of nearly twenty individuals from Habitat and HBRACC meet regularly to coordinate, plan and execute the myriad of details involved in building a home in one week, and largely donated in terms of materials and labor. HBRACC’s Executive Officer, Chris Flanagan says, “I’m fairly new in my position at HBRACC, but from the beginning, the scope of what the committee is undertaking has been completely amazing to me. Each and every member donated so much time and energy to this endeavor, not to mention the endorsement of their respective companies that allowed them to make this commitment. I think people would be surprised to see how much work went into the planning and preparation of such a worthy project.”

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