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It Really Does Take a Village

Tireless workers bring together a house in one week during the Cape Cod Blitz Build

Meet some of the Cape Cod Blitz Build Committee members that volunteered their time, energy and expertise to successfully build a home for a deserving family in one week.

Peter Kimball
Principal, A.P. Kimball Construction

Kimball, who is the current President of the HBRACC Board, has been involved since the beginning. “Vicki Goldsmith, the executive director at Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod, made a presentation at a monthly HBRACC meeting in 2012, and she laid out the concept of a Blitz Build to see if she could generate interest from either an individual or various members—most Blitz Builds around the country are sponsored by a singular company. In this case, it was clear that the membership could really make a difference, particularly if we all worked together,” Kimball reflects. “Without the commitment of time, personnel and donations obtained from the businesses in the local building industry, these four Blitz Builds could never have happened.” Kimball has also served on the Habitat Board of Directors for five years and recognizes the valuable contribution the Habitat organization provides to the community. “Its impact on the housing situation is unique since they offer home ownership, instead of just rent subsidies like other programs. As a result, they are enabling the recipients to really participate in the dream of home ownership and contribution to a community.”

Linda Miner
Account Manager, Mid-Cape Home Centers

Miner, who volunteered in 2017 during the last Blitz, served as the Committee Chair this time. “Committee Chair is really about helping with the organization of the build, supporting sub-committees, as well as the months of preparation that lead up to the final week,” she explains. “What was key was having people on board that have done this in prior years. Like learning a trade, it goes more smoothly if you have mentors guiding you, the process is less daunting and far more understandable.” Miner cites perseverance as one of the committee’s greatest strengths. “All of the participants—particularly those that come back build after build—have busy schedules and a livelihood to protect. So, getting people to commit to meetings that span a year and then one intensive week requires determination to meet the demands of the end goal.”

April Ducott
Project Manager, Cape Associates

“Peter Kimball asked me to serve as Project Manager for this Blitz Build. I absolutely said yes,” Ducott says.  “I knew it would be challenging, but I also knew it was a great opportunity.” Despite the mammoth challenge at hand, by all accounts Ducott successfully managed the project without any significant pitfalls. “I never really felt overwhelmed, or at least when it seemed like that might be the case, I always knew I had resources that I could turn to in order to solve a problem or overcome the challenge at hand.” Ducott, who works for Cape Associates, an established building company on the Cape, is used to dealing with demands and obstacles when fulfilling homeowners’ dreams, but with the Blitz Build, the challenges of organizing scores of businesses, hundreds of volunteers and an unimaginable timeline, she found strengths and capabilities she never knew she possessed.

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