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Writer: Jenna Ellis / Photographer: Liz Daly 

Angela Hamwey of Mackenzie & Co. perfectly orchestrates coastal elegance in Racing Beach. Nestled alongside the beachy coastline of Falmouth, the epitome of coastal décor; every room offers breathtaking ocean views, providing the perfect retreat from the demands of everyday life. While driving down the crushed white oyster shell driveway, you’re greeted by crisp white trim, outlining the polished Cape Cod home. Designer and founder of Mackenzie & Co., Angela Hamwey, has been pursuing her passion in interior design ever since she could remember. “I’ve always had some sort of business, whether it was a consulting business in HR or custom team apparel. I had business experience and design training while attending Rhode Island School of Design.” Hamwey elaborates, “We have a really strong team with lead designers, marketing, and an intern. We’re a very collaborative team.”  Samantha DeCesare, now a full-time designer at Mackenzie & Co., started out as a three-year intern, “Once I graduated, Angela hired me full-time as an interior designer and I’ve been here for about a year and a half now.” For the Falmouth project, located on Race Point Beach, Hamwey says the client wanted, “a classic Cape Cod coastal moment,” that would compliment the desirable waterfront property in Falmouth that looks out onto the hues of blue that stretch all the way to Martha’s Vineyard. DeCesare gives insight into the Racing Beach Falmouth project as one of the lead designers on the project, “We definitely focused more on natural woods and natural materials, and then brought in the blues, more typical coastal hues into the textiles or the woods we used. We tried to incorporate more of a Hydrangea blue, a more muted blue, and added in a little navy to kind of tone down the project and included greens and more earthy colors,…

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Jenna Ellis