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Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition

More than simply a celebration of the region’s incredible beaches, the Annual Lifesaving Competition is a tool to keep the region’s lifeguards strong, healthy and excited about keeping the beaches safe. While the changing times come with an increase in predators and a heightened awareness of the dangers the ocean has to offer, it’s also important to recognize and respect the people that have chosen to combat those dangers. The job of a lifeguard is to respect everything that Mother Nature throws their way, to recognize, acknowledge and assess the risks, and then to find intelligent ways to minimize the consequences while providing a safe and successful outcome, all while hopefully educating the public to adopt appropriate responses to the evolving landscape. Our safety and guidance at the beach starts with them. Keeping lifeguards trained and competitive, as the Lifesaving Competition has done for 45 years, is the best way to make sure they’re ready to protect the beaches that we all love as much as they did on that day in 1973. As Johnson puts it, the Annual Lifesaving Competition is quite simply, “The highlight of the summer.”

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