Cape Health: Primabee

Cape Cod Life  /  July 2023 /

Writer: Brookyln Moore

Healing Powers Harnessing the power of CBD, a local Chatham company provides effective relief for those with pain. After an immobilizing golf injury, Paul Bordé looked for pain relief in the traditional method. Realizing that pain medications were not cutting it, Bordé was introduced to the power of cannabidiol-based (CBD) products by his chiropractor.  “He got me back on my feet, and largely because of CBD,” Bordé says. When Bordé realized that the CBD industry had plenty of misperceptions to overcome, he and his business partner, Stephen Crane, set out to create an ethical, transparent CBD brand. The pair launched Primabee in 2020, a best-in-class CBD brand committed to helping people meet their individual needs and desires. According to Bordé, “The simplest way of describing what cannabidiol does for you, is it identifies deficiencies in your body and then goes to work to support them. By taking CBD, it works with your endocannabinoid system and helps your body get to homeostasis which essentially is a fancy word for balance.” CBD continues to grow in popularity among everyday consumers as well as notable individuals. “There are several celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Tom Hanks, who are pouring a lot of money into research because they’re having very positive experiences with it,” Bordé explains. Primabee focuses on highlighting the quality and status of its products through high-end retailers and spas. Most recently, Primabee has partnered with the Spa at Chatham Bars Inn, providing products for spa services and retailers. “Researchers suggest CBD has natural anti-inflammatory effects, which help calm sore muscles and joints. We specifically chose to use Primabee sports cream in our massage treatments because of its Broad-Spectrum CBD that harnesses all available phytocannabinoids for maximum potency and efficacy,” says Spa Director Sheri Thimas. Bordé echoes Thimas when he describes…

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