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A polished pearl

Casabella cottage

The waterfront view is complemented perfectly by the seaside touches found in the fabric and accessories in this guest room.

Throughout, the purposeful attention to detail that has become associated with a Casabella project is evident. Hammered silver bin pulls in the kitchen sparkle as they complement the diamonds of sunlight dancing on the bay. A small guest room becomes extra-special with a double bed suspended from the ceiling by thick rope. The red brick fireplace is refaced with stacked stone in hues and textures that look as though they could have washed up on the beach outside. Casabella transforms predictable seaside environs into posh, polished gemstones.

Casabella’s suggestion to replace a window and exterior door in the living area with as large a slider as could be accommodated, as well as a slider in the master bedroom, each accessing a substantial deck that runs the waterside length of the house, was met with enthusiasm. “The whole focus of this property is what is going on right outside—the beautiful blue sky and the deep blue of Cape Cod Bay. Casabella accommodated that perfectly with a neutral palette that allows the outside to be the backdrop. The new sliders just make you feel like there is nothing between you and the water,” the homeowner explains.

To maximize space and functionality in the bedrooms and the sole interior bath, Casabella finessed the home’s layout down to the inch. When every inch of space counts, each decision must serve a purpose. Space was taken from a closet in a guest room to create a perfect niche for a dresser, which is now flanked by two new closets with smaller double doors requiring less swing and therefore less space. The same guest room gave up precious inches to create a luxurious makeup station, centered between functional built-ins in the master. The spa-like bathroom now has a gleaming glass shower that maintains its sleek profile by utilizing a length of floor drains set into the stylish floor tile instead of a threshold, as would be the standard choice. To maximize function in the small space, Casabella directed her subcontractors to split the shower door to either side of the corner, again limiting the need for additional space to accommodate the swing. An oversized outdoor shower, just steps from the beach, provides options when guests visit for the weekend.

An outdoor overhang at the entry of the original design was converted into a three-season porch, with extra seating and an outdoor SkyVue television. Visitors are informed that they have arrived as they are greeted by a blue, wooden Seaport Shutter storm door with the home’s latitude and longitude carved in gold letters. The space provides another 55 square feet of seasonal living space, and with its multifunctionality, the porch serves as a friendly entrance, a mudroom, and even an additional dining area if necessary.

The homeowner says the day she and her husband found Casabella Interiors with the help of Cape Cod LIFE’s “Best of” list was a particularly great day on Cape Cod. “My husband says it was the most expensive couch he has ever bought! But seriously, it was an invaluable find.”

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