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Catching up with Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus sang her way into millions of Americans’ homes and hearts during Season 9 of American Idol

Photo by: Kamal Asar

The work was exhausting, says Magnus, but also enjoyable. “We [the 2010 finalists, and some parents and guardians] were crowded into these buses and bussed across the country. It was hard, but I liked it. It’s not for everybody, but really fun. Getting to see almost the entire country was amazing, and it definitely made me appreciate home much more.”

When the tour was completed, Magnus returned home, continuing to sing at several local venues, including the Cape Cod Melody Tent and the Yarmouth Cultural Center. Opportunities continued to arise for her that year, and Magnus had the chance to perform with her favorite childhood band, the three-brother trio, Hanson. “One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was meeting Hanson and getting to perform with them,” she says. “I’m a huge fan. I was so emotional! It was a surprise show. They picked a song for me, called ‘Weird’,” she says with a laugh. “Before I met them, I had seen them in concert in Boston and I always said that if I got to meet them one day, it was going to be special. And it was. They were really kind.”

Magnus recorded her debut album, Moonbaby, with Nashville-based Pacific International Music in 2012. The title comes from a poem the singer wrote during the Idol tour. “I had been writing some poetry and reading some poems from my favorite author, Francesca Lia Block,” she recalls. “It was my first time back on the East Coast in a long time. There was a great smell, a great feeling . . . and my poem was about that feeling. [Moonbaby] was the word I thought of to explain how I felt.” The album features 10 original songs penned by Magnus and others, and one cover.

For a brief period in 2013, Magnus headlined a band, Doubtful Guest, which featured several members of bands popular in the 1990s including Tony Fredianelli of Third Eye Blind and Peter Klett of Candlebox. The band performed two shows before breaking up due to logistical issues. Magnus says she hopes the group will reunite in the future.

Last year—2014—was particularly busy for Magnus. For starters, Jung Ho Pak, conductor of The Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, called on her to perform with the orchestra as a guest vocalist at the Cape Cod Canal’s centennial celebration at Buzzards Bay Park in July. During the event, Magnus performed Patti Page’s song, “Old Cape Cod” as well as an emotional rendition of the Irish classic, “Danny Boy,” which she sang in tribute to her father, Alan N. Magnus, who died in 2013. Magnus says her father’s passing has impacted her more than anything she has ever been through.

Magnus sang with the symphony again at its Holiday Celebration at the Barnstable High Performing Arts Center in December. “I loved singing with the symphony,” she says. “I felt like a Disney princess! I got to dress really nice. My grandparents loved it.”

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