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Catching up with Siobhan Magnus

The year 2014 also brought what Siobhan describes as the invitation of a lifetime: she was asked to perform with Boston, on the famous group’s “Heaven on Earth Tour.” What began as an interim guest singer’s role for six shows expanded into an incredible 50-date touring schedule. “Performing with Boston was so fun,” Magnus says. “It was so different from touring with Idol. I didn’t have to do any press, didn’t have to do interviews, and ate whatever I wanted! My uncle—bassist Tracy Ferrie—is in the band, so he watched out for me.” She added that Tom Scholz, Boston’s songwriter, organist, guitarist and the band’s last remaining original member, mentored her and offered a lot of good advice.

Magnus traveled with the group to shows across the United States and even to Japan, where they played before large, enthusiastic crowds in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. “It was so great to be in Japan,” she says. “The fans there were cool. The hard-core fans came to all the shows.” Magnus says she was particularly impressed when the audiences sang “ . . . in the streets of Hyannis . . .”, lyrics from the group’s 1976 tune “Rock and Roll Band.”

Being raised on Cape Cod—just a few miles from those very streets—provided Magnus with an appreciation of many diverse musical genres, including rock, pop, blues, and soul, all of which are represented in her music today. “I grew up in Marstons Mills, one of six kids,” Magnus says. “My grandparents always made sure we were submersed in the arts. With them, I always listened to classical music. They enjoy that I work with swing bands.” Though she never took private voice lessons, Magnus says she had a wonderful chorus teacher for three years at Barnstable High in Sean Landers.

The singer also credits her father, who worked as a musician, with her training. “I’ve been singing since I was little,” Magnus says. “My dad taught me how to breathe and how to keep my posture. My parents were very supportive. I began drama club when I was 8, had my first solo when I was 9, and continued with it through high school.” In all, she performed in more than 50 drama club productions with Barnstable High including “Wonderland—The Musical,” “Twelfth Night,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Though she took part in the club’s summer theater, most of the shows she performed in were during the school year. “In winter on Cape Cod,” she says, “all we really had was drama club.” She adds that her leading role as Mabel in “Pirates of Penzance” still remains the biggest challenge she has faced as a singer. Siobhan Magnus sang her way into millions of Americans’ homes and hearts during Season 9 of American Idol

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