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Diamond in the Bluff

The adjacent kitchen is intended to be practical while not obstructing the view. “We all love to cook and we cook often,” explain the homeowners, “so our home had to have a really functional kitchen.” The kitchen island’s quartz top and waterfall edge, spacious drawers and a wide work surface confirm it is designed for ease of use. A broad, walnut dining table divides the kitchen and living area and was custom made for the family by Wellfleet’s Jeff Soderbergh, allowing for comfortable family meals. SV’s interior design team flanked the table on one side with a built-in, upholstered bench and clear acrylic Ghost Chairs that float and keep the space light on the other side. Delicate and strikingly thin light fixtures overhead ensure the view is not obstructed while cooking or enjoying meals. SV Design also took on the interior design of the home, leveraging the firm’s full-service offerings. Schneeberger weighs in on her belief that intriguing light fixtures are a necessity in any home: “The addition of lights in interesting ways has the capacity to make homes really remarkable,” she comments. “It adds that one extra piece to it.” Along with the functional kitchen lights, spherical bubble lights, like air bubbles rising to the water’s surface, hang over the atrium in the living area to add texture and flair.

The third level of the home is a lofted living area. A bubble chair swings lightly, overlooking a 180-degree ocean view afforded by another set of windows which make up the top half of the back wall. The loft also happens to be dad’s favorite spot in the house. “Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine is one of my favorite things to do,” he laughs. His wife affirms with a wry grin: “It’s a favorite nap spot.” 

Subtle nods to its beachfront location are hidden throughout the home. The understated details connect the house to Cape Cod without sacrificing an ounce of modernist sophistication. For example, the entry level’s polished concrete floors conjure the illusion of the sea when gazed upon from upstairs, while wooden accents such as the stairs in their driftwood stain evoke images of sand. The master suite offers the perfect example of these illusions coming together to create a beautifully serene space. A wall of picture windows showcasing a striking view of sun-speckled waves that have traveled across the Atlantic is the room’s central feature. To complement this view, twinkling light fixtures resembling lobster traps float over the bed, while the adjoining deck boasts a hot tub for taking advantage of the cool nighttime air. A large skylight and pebble floors in the bathroom transport the indoor shower beyond the wall. The home’s color palette is also evocative of the outdoors. “The theme of the design was calm and cool, using very neutral colors that work with what you are seeing outside,” Schneeberger describes. “At the same time, there is a variety of textures and slight patterning. So, even though it has that neutrality, it’s still very interesting.” The master suite, for instance, has ocean-inspired hues of white, muted greens and subtle blues throughout. Smooth tiled floors resembling weathered wood accent the bathroom, while richly textured, patterned pillows and blankets add dimension to the bedroom, and provide a spectacular place to watch as the ocean negotiates its introduction to the shore.

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